Roadwater Players
The centre of Amateur Dramatics in West Somerset

This is the website that will guide you through everything to do with the Roadwater Players - Winners of the Pint Pot Award 2011/12 and 13 at the Cinderella Trophy Awards


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Costume Hire Rules and Regulations:

Non members
£10 per costume hired or £5 for small items.
Deposit £20 (£50 for over 6 costumes)
Hirers must meet Sarah Kingsford (01984640773) or another representative of the Players at the Barn and at the end of the hire period return them to the Barn (and if possible help put them away!!)
If there is any damage an appropriate amount of the deposit will be retained to complete repairs. In the case of loss the whole of the deposit will be forfeited.

Fully paid up members of the Roadwater Players may borrow costumes for personal use at no charge, but a deposit of £10 must be left to ensure their return! When borrowing costumes, members must give a date for their return and must be aware that any cleaning/mending needed will be the responsibility of the borrower.
All borrowers must meet Sarah (or another representative of the players) at the costume barn and return all costumes to the barn on the date agreed. They will also need to help return the costumes to the rails in the store before leaving.

Anybody with any questions should contact Sarah Kingsford on (01984) 640773